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Yavapai County Sheriff Animal Control
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Arizona State Statute 11-1008E: dog license requirements for the unincorporated areas of Yavapai County.

“Dogs 3 months of age and older must be vaccinated for the rabies virus by a DVM and have a current Yavapai County dog License. (Dog licenses are available for  purchase annually per rabies anniversary date)”.

Dog licenses may be purchased from: Humane Societies, Sheriff offices, and low cost spay and neuter clinics.

If you can't remember your account information please call 928-771-3595 for assistance. We can change your online email and password as needed to get your account active again or we can create an online account for users who already have a Yavapai County Dog Tag.

Licensing information:

Those wishing to purchase a Yavapai County Dog License must first provide the following documentation from a veterinarian.

Documentation of current rabies vaccination and documentation of spay or neuter status.

Fees are as follows – License renewals run one full calendar year from the date of purchase however, we recommend that you obtain licenses concurrent with your rabies vaccination. REMINDER: If your rabies is expired, your Yavapai County Dog Tag is invalid- you can send updated rabies information to animalcontrol@yavapai.us to ensure that your license remains valid.

  • $5.00 for altered animals and proof of altering must be provided at time of purchase as well as current rabies vaccination for rabies anniversary date
  • $25.00 for un-altered animals and proof of rabies vaccination for rabies anniversary date
  • $5.00 for Puppies first year with vaccination, each year after will follow the altered or un-altered animal rules. To purchase a puppy license, proof of age must be presented in person or by mail only.
  • A renewal license can be purchased online with proof of vaccination.
  • Fee waiver for all registered service dog after application and affidavit has been approved and on file. Please contact the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Animal Control to obtain a service dog application.

Licenses may be purchased by mail, online, or in person at the following locations:

(Dog tags are permanent. You will not receive a new tag each year. If the tag is lost or destroyed, a new tag will be issued on notice during the renewal process or by contacting us)

  • BY MAIL ONLY TO: Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (attention Animal Control), 255 E Gurley St.  Prescott AZ 86301.
  • ONLINE AT:  http://ycsoaz.sheltertrack.com/ *Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer to license an animal as they have proven to be the most user-friendly.

YCSO Mayer Substation
12606 E Main St.
Mayer, AZ
(928) 771-3509

YCSO Village Of Oak Creek          YCSO Camp Verde
6446 Highway 179, Suite 217           2830 N Commonwealth Dr                                    
Village of Oak Creek, AZ                 Camp Verde, AZ                                               
(928) 639-8171                                  928-567-7710               

YCSO Prescott Substation
255 E Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ
(928) 771-3260

YCSO Williamson Valley                 Yavapai Humane Society      
4155 W. Outer Loop Rd., Suite B       1625 Sundog Ranch Rd
Prescott, AZ                                         Prescott, AZ
(928) 771-3277                                   (928) 445-2666


Per: A.R.S. 11-1606:

1. Process for a dog license.

  a. Visit a local Sheriff Office or Humane Society facilities and purchase a current year license or create an online account on this website.

  b.  Enter or provide your dog information with rabies and spay/ neuter certificates.

  c.  Pay the appropriate fee for 1 to 3 years

2.   If purchased in person a new license/tag will be issued at that time, if online the license will be processed within 1 business day or the following business day after a holiday or weekend. For renewals the license is immediately active, new license/tags will be received via U.S. Mail within a few business days.

3.  For more information on licensing or you need assistance in purchasing a license, call 928-771-3595 or e-mail us at animalcontrol@yavapai.us or visit our website at www.ycsoaz.gov/animal-control/.

4.  An applicant for a license may receive a clarification from the county of its interpretation of a statute, ordinance, regulation, delegation agreement or authorized substantive policy statement as provided in § 11-1609.

A.R.S. § 11-1604

A. A county shall not base a licensing decision in whole or in part on a licensing requirement or condition that is not specifically authorized by statute, rule, ordinance or delegation agreement. A general grant of authority does not constitute a basis for imposing a licensing requirement or condition unless the authority specifically authorizes the requirement or condition.

B. Unless specifically authorized, a county shall avoid duplication of other laws that do not enhance regulatory clarity and shall avoid dual permitting to the maximum extent practicable.

C. This section does not prohibit county flexibility to issue licenses or adopt ordinances or codes.

D. A county shall not request or initiate discussions with a person about waiving that person's rights.

E. This section may be enforced in a private civil action and relief may be awarded against a county. The court may award reasonable attorney fees, damages and all fees associated with the license application to a party that prevails in an action against a county for a violation of this section.

F. A county employee may not intentionally or knowingly violate this section. A violation of this section is cause for disciplinary action or dismissal pursuant to the county's adopted personnel policy.

G. This section does not abrogate the immunity provided by § 12-820.01 or 12-820.02.

H. A county shall prominently print the provisions of subsections A, B, C, D, E, F and G of this section on all license applications.

I. The licensing application may be in either print or electronic format.

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